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He Threw Me In The Air.. With No Intention To Catch Me When I Fall

It felt amazing I thought I could actually fly… Until I felt this pain in my arm.. I looked and there was a whole.. Like I was a bird that got shot in the wing.. He through me in the air and stood there waiting for me to fall… He made me feel so special only over a couple of days.. I felt like the only girl he could see, the only girl he didn’t want to stop talking to, the girl he didn’t have to send x’s to but wanted to, but mostly the only girl he possibly thought was not like any other…
Turns out before I knew it I hit the ground face first.. I never felt such pain over someone leaving only knowing them a couple days… He showed me then to him I was the girl he nearly made invisible to him, the girl he didn’t mind if they didn’t talk, the girl he sent x’s to be polite, but mostly the girl who would NEVER be different from the rest
It sadly takes time to find a person who will catch when you fall, who will throw you so high up and will still stand right there underneath you waiting to catch you when you come down.. But sadly I found out it’s only going to get harder than this.. I don’t but no matter what you should always find the gold at the end of your Rainbow.. You deserve it as much as anyone…


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